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Wisdom and Righteousness

Wisdom and Righteousness: October 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011

Interactive Lapbook for use with Classical Conversations, Cycle 3 weeks 7-12!

Introducing the Interactive Lapbook now available to coincide with Classical Conversations Cycle 3 weeks 7-12.  What a great place to store all of your memory work and showcase your projects!  Don't risk forgetting what you worked so hard to learn!  This interactive lapbook will be fun for the kids to pull off the shelves and self-review for years to come!  There are flip-ups, booklets, match-ups, and even a pocket to hold your life-size body from class in on the back of the lapbook!  This is created for a tri-folder lapbook, and more resources are provided than what you can fit in the book, giving you the opportunity to decide what you like best!  Great to show grandparents and others who wonder what all this "classical learning" is about!  Get your copy today! See the link to the right!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Lapbook

Introducing a wonderful way to assure your student retains what he/she is learning in Foundations for years to come!  It's the Classical Conversations Lapbook for Cycle 3!  This Lapbook covers everything in the first six weeks of Classical Conversations, cycle 3.  I am planning on creating one for each set of six weeks this year, and should be able to roll out the one for weeks 7-12 by October 30th.  As you can see, we have covered A LOT in just six weeks, and it all fits in the folder wonderfully!

This Classical Conversations lapbook is created for those utilizing a tri-folder set-up, but could be modified if you had something else in mind.  There are additional resources in the back such as a recipe card, book report form, storyboards, etc to help give some creative ideas for your student to demonstrate what they have learned or add a bit more depth to the memory work! 

I am so excited for this resource that my kids can use to review and interact with their memory work over the next few weeks, months and years to come! Purchase your Classical Conversations Lapbook template today by clicking on the link on your right!  Enjoy!

Don't forget to leave a comment and let me know what you think!   ~ Karen

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