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Simple Memories

Wisdom and Righteousness: Simple Memories

Monday, November 28, 2011

Simple Memories

Our house doesn't celebrate Santa because a few years ago someone had pointed out that if we tell our children about Santa, who they can't see, and also tell them about God, who they can't see, then when they find out Santa isn't real, it might make them question God.  I thought that was fair reasoning.  We do however, mention that many families celebrate in that way, and that it is a game parents and children play just for fun.  Our kids know not to tell other kids that Santa isn't real (or the tooth fairy, or the easter bunny), and that when people ask what Santa brought them, they are just asking what gifts they received for Christmas.  I think each family has to decide what works best for them.  We do have fun playing along with all of the Christmas make-believe, fully knowing that it is all pretend, and we make sure it doesn't detract from the true meaning of Christmas.  Last night was a great example of how this works, and it just flowed out naturally - no planning on my part!

We popped some popcorn and sat down to string some up on thread to use as garland on the Christmas tree (I have such fond memories of loving that as a young kid!).  We watched a classic "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" movie.  It naturally led to us talking about how the reindeer made fun of Rudolph because he was different, but that it was exactly that different which gave his life a special purpose.  We too, are each created unique.  Some of us may look or act different than a lot of other people, but God has uniquely designed us for His purpose, and one day we can "Shine in the darkness", pointing the way to Christ! (just like Rudolph's nose pointed the way!)

We also talked about how we were "knitting together" the popcorn, and how the Bible tells us we were knitted together in our mother's room.  God put us together perfectly - we are "fearfully and wonderfully made!"

Such wonderful memories I store up in my heart!



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