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True Education

Wisdom and Righteousness: True Education

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

True Education

I read a post on A Holy Experience and feel like it was meant for me - a term I threw around a few times this weekend at my women's conference being used right there in the post, as if to taunt me.  I remember what I want my children to learn most of all today - His compassion, His Mercy, His Grace to His people.  That there are people that God gave needs to, and others he gave an abundance to, and if we would just open our hands, to let go of our grasp on the abundance, and receive our Daily Bread alone, then we all would have just enough.  And the biggest needs are not monetary - they are a shoulder, a hope, a friend.  We can pray hard.  We can remember these people who need food when we sit down to our abundance.  We can learn about their country and send them letters a million miles away.  We can send them hope.  We can send them a friend.  We can meet Christ in that, and we will never call the time we spent in prayer, the time spent writing, the time spent studying as sacrifice or discipline, or work, but as the work of God in us, renewing our minds and hearts to awaken to Him in this world, in this moment.  There is life in this.......the Truest of Life....

Blessings my dear sisters,


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