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The First Day of School!!!

Wisdom and Righteousness: The First Day of School!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The First Day of School!!!

Well, technically we started school a few weeks ago, but this was our first day of Classical Conversations, which felt like a day at school, so I decided to document the event with typical back to school photos!  The kids loved their classes!  Their presentations this week were titled "All About Me" and they both did great.  Becca summed up her first day by saying "I have a bunch of new friends".  You could tell they were having a ball!  Robby's group was a little more timid since they are younger, but they all seemed to handle the 3 hour block of instruction fairly well.  Now if only gabe would be as wel behaved....

Ryan was in the Preschool class and made a special picture for "Mommy Daddy".  I am not sure he really minded being dropped off - afterall, they had a firetruck to play with!


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