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Wisdom and Righteousness

Wisdom and Righteousness: September 2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Only Rule: Touch Everything!

Friday is our "unstructured school day".  After our core work (Bible, Writing, Reading, Math) we headed to Madison to the Children's Museum.  Oh what fun!  The kids had a blast painting on a clear board with watercolors, building, climbing, fixing, breaking, creating, discovering, and just getting dirty!

Classical Learning

The kids are having a great time this week learning thier Classical conversations material.  Classical learning teaches facts at the younger ages - the kids memorize the core of info, not neccessarily their connections.  A lot of the information is set to a tune or a dance.  We also had fun making up our own.  In the first video below, the kids are all joining in - I love how Ryan is having fun too (and the room he destroyed in 10 seconds flat while working on writing with Becca and Robby is in the background)  In the second one, Robby is reciting what an "infinitive" is, and saying it like he is a king!

"An infinitive is "to" plus a verb, used as a noun, adjective or adverb."

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The First Day of School!!!

Well, technically we started school a few weeks ago, but this was our first day of Classical Conversations, which felt like a day at school, so I decided to document the event with typical back to school photos!  The kids loved their classes!  Their presentations this week were titled "All About Me" and they both did great.  Becca summed up her first day by saying "I have a bunch of new friends".  You could tell they were having a ball!  Robby's group was a little more timid since they are younger, but they all seemed to handle the 3 hour block of instruction fairly well.  Now if only gabe would be as wel behaved....

Ryan was in the Preschool class and made a special picture for "Mommy Daddy".  I am not sure he really minded being dropped off - afterall, they had a firetruck to play with!

Nature Study

Yesterday afternoon we headed outdoors for a nature study on the trails at Apple Canyon State Park.  There is a trail with a one-mile loop that is pretty kid friendly, and the little ones were sure excited!  We found all sorts of cool things to look up when we got home.  Best of all, we got our hands dirty and touched God's world.  As always, it touched us back.  I always feel restored after spending time outside (ok, maybe not in -20 degree weather...)

Becca's Birthday!

Becca asked to start her special day with cinnamon rolls which started rising at 2am. Anything for Becca Boo! I am not sure who loved them more....Becca or Ryan!!!

Her party started in the afternoon.  The theme was Circus and she had such a ball playing with her friends in the bounce house, getting their faces painted, playing on the jungle gym, firing rockets, and playing pin-the-nose on the clown.  Such great friends and family to share her special day with!  I can't believe she is seven, and growing up to be such a great girl!  We just love our Becca Boo!

Preparing for the Party!

Preparations for Becca's birthday took place on Friday after school work was done.  As you can see, Gabe was very glad to "help" me with the cake!