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Sequence CC Review Game!

Wisdom and Righteousness: Sequence CC Review Game!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sequence CC Review Game!

I got the idea of a Sequence game for review from another CC Mom, and created the template!  You can download it here, or from my freebies column on the right!  Basically, the template will need to be printed on cardstock that is similar to the colors used for your review cards.  I also added white for the History Timeline.  Just one sheet per color, cut and you're ready to play!  (you can also laminate, if desired).  I just grabbed some coins around the house.  Robby was Quarters, I was Dimes, and Becca used Pennies.  Other ideas might be to use dry beans or types of cereal!  Keep it fun!  Fill your kids in on the strategy - the first person to get 6 in a row (or four if younger players) wins!  Let them know that they can block their opponent from finishing their row.  (If your kids are like mine, this was their favorite part - blocking someone else!)  Have Fun!


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