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Blankets and Jurisdictions

Wisdom and Righteousness: Blankets and Jurisdictions

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Blankets and Jurisdictions

One of the CC Smart Mama's in my sons' class lent me this book (check your library), which I completely devoured.  I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the book.  It basically tells their story and how God has been at work in their life.  But I absolutely had to share my two favorite parts that have practical application. 

My all-time favorite was "Jurisdictions".  Now - I have always been in favor of giving my children chores to teach them responsibility, have them help throughout the house, and to train them to follow through, but this is a different way of looking at chores.  Historically, I have assigned specific chores to the kids - pick up the toys, set the table, straighten the coats, etc.  Well, in a nutshell, "jurisdictions" eliminates specifics.  Instead, you assign an area, or "jurisdiction" to the kids.  First, I talked to them about what "jurisdiction" meant using the idea of the President of the United States.  I asked the kids if he was in charge of just a few states or all of them.  Of course, they said all of them.  I said, "so his "jurisdiction" is the whole United States".  I gave them some other examples in real life, and we talked about what those people's "jurisdiction" was, or the area they are in charge of.  I told them that they are going to be assigned jurisdictions in the house - areas they are in charge of.  Then we talked about when the President is in charge - is he only in charge in the morning for a few hours, and then he does what he wants and the states are on their own?  Or does he have to be in charge of the states at all times, and any tine they need something, do it?  Of course they said, "all the time."  We talked about how their jurisdiction are the same way.  If at any time during the day, something is out of place in their jurisdiction, they needed to correct it - not just when mommy tells them to.  Then I assigned their jurisdictions to them, and pointed out what they need to look for, and what the areas should look like to be considered taken care of.  We have actually had fun doing it, and they seem to like to be in charge of an area.  It is my new favorite tool (hopefully it lasts a while!)

The second great thing I got from it is the "blanket playpen."  You train a young child to sit on a blanket for a period of time with only one object.  Start small, training them not to leave the blanket parameters, then add the toy, then increase the amount of time.  Pretty soon, you have a playpen in a purse!  It comes in handy when you are out-and-about and you want them to stay safe and for you to be able to participate for up to an hour, depending on the age of the kids.  The trick is to make it fun (or so the book says).  I am just barely starting to work on this one, so we will see how it goes, but it sounds great at the forefront!

Anyway, just thought I would share! 



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